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UM Today Survey Results and Outcomes

Posted on: March 15th, 2019 by kfg

Last November, the Office of Information Technology (IT) and University Communications requested feedback from the campus community on UM Today, a software framework for collecting, organizing and sharing announcements primarily among University of Mississippi (UM) students, faculty, and staff. We were pleased with both the number of responses (almost 900) and the quality of insights […]

Silence Notifications With Do Not Disturb

Posted on: March 13th, 2019 by Johnathan Taylor

Notifications from cell phones can be distracting. Whenever attempting to unwind for the evening, loud notifications from devices can become bothersome. To remedy problems with the device providing loud notification sounds, “Do Not Disturb” can be set up so that most sound and vibrations can be stopped for a period of time. To enable “Do […]

UM Today: Enhancements and Existing Features

Posted on: August 18th, 2016 by Deetra Wiley

In previous UM Today daily emails, you may have seen the same messages too many times. Maybe, you couldn’t tell what was new.  In the new layout, your daily UMT email will be similar to what you see when you log into UM Today. Here are some new features along with a review of the […]

UM Today: “UM Memo” Message Types Added

Posted on: September 17th, 2013 by Deetra Wiley

The Office of Information Technology rolls out two additional UM Today message types:  UM Memo and UM Memo – Important.  Memorandum, another UM Message type, already existed in UM Today.  UM Memo Layout with UM letterhead Available to all users Can be used for general messages (intradepartmental communication, employee promotions, etc.) Appears near the bottom  […]

Need a Summer Break from UM Today Daily Emails?

Posted on: May 18th, 2012 by kfg

Summer is almost here and, if you are not teaching or enrolled in classes or if you are traveling, you may want to disable the daily UM Today email summaries. To do this, sign in to myOleMiss and choose “Preferences” from the upper right of the UM Today listing. Once here, you should see an […]

New Event Calendar

Posted on: February 25th, 2012 by Robby Seitz

A new Event Calendar lets people both enter their events and announcement them through UM Today, all in one step.

UM Today and the Ole Miss Event Calendar

Posted on: January 2nd, 2012 by kfg

The Office of Information Technology and University Brand Services have been working to develop a new and improved event calendar that is integrated with UM Today. Up until now, there has been no connection between events posted in UM Today and those added to the Ole Miss Event Calendar. In several weeks, the new calendar […]

Need Ideas for Next Round of Ole Miss Today Changes

Posted on: May 4th, 2011 by kfg

The Office of Information Technology (IT) is planning for the next round of enhancements to Ole Miss Today (OMT) and needs your ideas. The following suggestions were generated from a focus group with student leaders. Please feel free to comment on these ideas and offer any additional ideas that you have by sending email to […]

Sending SMS Text Messages to Students from a Computer

Posted on: February 23rd, 2011 by kfg

Instructors, advisors, and academic administrators – Are you having trouble getting the attention of your students? If yes, then here is a new communication method to try. Last fall, a new service was deployed in myOleMiss that allows you to send email and / or SMS text messages to students. That is, you can send […]

Ole Miss Today, Version 2

Posted on: October 25th, 2010 by kfg

Ole Miss Today was enabled five weeks ago, and last week we asked for feedback on how to make it more useful.  About thirty-five people responded with many good ideas.   These ideas are summarized below and are shown with time frame for implementation where appropriate. Ideas to Be Implemented Use a generic subject line in daily e-mail messages.  (10/26/2010) Eliminate […]