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Need Ideas for Next Round of Ole Miss Today Changes

Posted on: May 4th, 2011 by kfg

The Office of Information Technology (IT) is planning for the next round of enhancements to Ole Miss Today (OMT) and needs your ideas. The following suggestions were generated from a focus group with student leaders. Please feel free to comment on these ideas and offer any additional ideas that you have by sending email to Deadline is Sunday, 5/8.

1. Find out if Webmail can be configured to display OMT graphics by default. To receive a message with the x’s for missing images is unappealing, and some students will not take the time to set options to show images.

2. Add information to the header that shows the OMT message is customized for each person.

3. Allow students and employees to prioritize message types so they can control the order that messages appear. Always keep certain message types at the top such as “Emergency” and “My Alerts.”

4. Allow students and employees to opt out of certain message types. Any concerns about this?

5. Allow students and employees to opt out of the daily email and re-enable it as needed. Examples where this might be useful are pharmacy students located at UMMC and students who are on a study abroad.

6. Allow students and employees to choose how they will receive the daily email – as rich text or HTML. The motivation is to provide a method that is readable on all mobile devices and to give those who prefer a text-oriented layout that option.

7. Continue to stress with those who enter messages that the messages need to be succinct and meaningful.

8. Add OMT messages to Blackboard. Would this be a good or bad thing?