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Upgrade to UM MATLAB License

Posted on: November 14th, 2017 by Brian Hopkins

Beginning today, the answer is “Yes” to the question:  “Is [name of toolbox] included in the University’s MATLAB license?”

TheMathWorks, publisher of MATLAB, is changing the pricing model for its products. Pursuant to this change, UM has been offered a cost-free upgrade to TMW’s new Full Suite product package, which includes both all existing MATLAB toolboxes and any new toolboxes that TMW publishes in the future. The full list of 87 program modules is omitted from this post for space reasons, and in any event can be reduced to the simple phrase “all of them.”

There is no change to the license number, so you will not need to associate your account with a new license; the existing license 585993 now enables download and activation of all program modules. That said, you probably will need to download the newly licensed toolboxes. The process is straightforward:

1. Log in to
2. From the list of licenses, choose 585993 – Campus.
3. Click the blue Download button.
4. Choose the version of MATLAB you want and proceed as normal.

Version R2017b was released in September, so this may be a good time to update the version of MATLAB you’re using as well.

Though the Office of Information Technology can take no credit for this cost-free license upgrade provided by TheMathWorks, we nonetheless sincerely hope that the UM community will benefit from this change. We’re confident that UM faculty, staff, and students will find new and fascinating things to do with these newly available technologies, and we hope you’ll share some of those things with us when you’re ready.

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