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Time Entry & Approval is Going Online

Posted on: October 15th, 2012 by Al Ling

With the launch of other self-service applications for employees in myOleMiss, an application for time entry and approval seems like a natural fit.  The Offices of Information Technology (IT) and Human Resources (HR) partnered to develop self-service applications for time entry and approval.  The design is based on the current paper time sheet, which will make an easier transition to an online process.

IT and HR have been pilot testing the applications for several months.  Earlier in the summer, the application was rolled out to select areas of the Finance and Administration division.  Then, in August, the rollout continued with the addition of more departments, including the first two academic departments.  The goal is to have Phase I of these applications for all UM departments by the end of the year.  However, not all employees are included in the Phase I rollout.  Student employees, UM retirees, and those employees who have their working time recorded as part of the work order process will be included in subsequent phases of this application.

Screen for ESS Time Entry

ESS Time Entry

Time Entry, the “New” Online Process

To use the ESS Timesheet, employees will navigate to the Self-Service area of myOleMiss and open the “Timesheet” application.  Then, they record the hours for the appropriate time types (e.g. – AHRS, VACA, etc.) and submit the hours to their supervisor for review and approval.  Employees may choose to enter their time for the entire pay period at once, or they may choose to enter it each day.  During the submission process, the employee must acknowledge/certify the hours recorded, similar to signing a paper time sheet.  When the employee submits their time, the hours are recorded in SAP.

Upon submission, the employee’s supervisor receives an email notification which includes a link to take them to the ESS Time Approval application within myOleMiss.  The supervisor can approve or reject the employee’s time by acting on all time entered or individual entries.  They can also view the timesheets of the employees should they have a question about a particular entry.

Self-service applications such as this will greatly reduce UM’s paper consumption over the long term.

More Information? Assistance?

For more information on self-service Time Entry/Approval, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (662) 915-7431 or

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