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Teacher Evaluations Benefit Teachers and Students

Posted on: May 31st, 2013 by sshakya1

About Teacher Evaluations

Teacher evaluation responses should provide useful feedback on teachers’ performance that helps instructors improve their teaching skills.   Also, these responses may help decision makers make important decisions about development, tenure, promotion, compensation and awards.  Teacher evaluation results may be used by future students to gain more insight on a course as they make their course selections.

Teacher Evaluation Submission

The interface for students to submit teacher evaluations can be accessed in myOleMiss => Student tab => Teacher Evaluation folder =>Submit Teacher Evaluations

Duration of the Window

The window for submitting teacher evaluations for the Fall and Spring term is opened a month before the final exams. The window is then closed during the final exam week. It will re-open again after the last day of final exam and will remain open until grade viewing.  We offer students two incentives to complete their evaluations in a timely manner. Those who submit all their evaluations before the day final grades are made available will be able to view their grades up to 12 hours earlier than other students. They will also be allowed to register a day early for the following Fall or Spring term.  For other terms, the windows are opened based on the duration of the terms and is open till the last day of the class.

Students who have not completed all the evaluations are provided another chance to complete their evaluations when viewing grades within myOleMiss.

Teacher Evaluation Results

The interface for students to view teacher evaluation results can be accessed in myOlemiss  =>  Student tab =>Teacher Evaluation => Teacher Evaluation Results.”  Faculty may access the results in myOlemiss => Faculty tab => Evaluation of Instruction folder   => Teacher Evaluation Results.  The teacher evaluation results are made available after couple of weeks of grade viewing.   When most of the teacher evaluations have been collected, the students’ submitted comments are reviewed by the Office of the Provost and made available to students and faculty.

More Information

We strongly encourage all students to participate in evaluating their courses.  For assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (662) 915-5222 or