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Staff Performance Appraisals Process Made Easier for UM Supervisors!

Posted on: March 28th, 2016 by Deetra Wiley

In 2008, the staff appraisal process was moved from a paper-based system to an online electronic system, which is what is being used now. Due to substantial staff appraisals to be reviewed and approved each year, new ways were sought to handle the load and make the process more conducive to the University community. Per Chris Provence, Senior Technical Architect, “Before this new feature was introduced, appraisers had to select each employee one-by-one to download the staff appraisal PDF in order to view or act on it.” Al Ling, Director of Business Applications & ERP Support, adds “It was a very time consuming process to just get them downloaded to your computer.”

So, What’s New?

The new feature added is the “Send Appraisals to Box” button. Supervisors will enter the Staff Performance Appraisals application in myOleMiss as they currently do to launch Staff Performance Appraisals; i.e. through the Administrator tab => HR Tools for Administrators =>Staff Performance Appraisals, or use the Search to locate “Staff Performance Appraisals.” Supervisors can then search for the employees who they wish to conduct the staff appraisal using options such as employee number, first/last  name, organization, etc. When the supervisor clicks the “Send Appraisals to Box” button, the system creates a ZIP file containing the PDF files of all the employee appraisals that can be created or edited. The ZIP file will also  include all the employees listed under My Work List. Since creating the PDF files could take several minutes, the system will create them in the background and send the supervisor an email when the ZIP file is in Box. Once the link in the email is launched, the supervisor will be prompted to log into Box with their WebID and password to directly download the ZIP file.  After the file is downloaded and unzipped, all the staff appraisal PDFs requested will be viewable on the supervisor’s computer.

Provence states, “Hopefully, this new feature will allow supervisors to download the staff appraisals faster and more efficiently.” Thanks to Jie Tang, Software Developer IV, for adding this important feature.

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