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SAP Tips and Reminders

Posted on: May 7th, 2012 by LAURIE RICHLOVSKY

There are currently 814 active users of the University’s Enterprise computer system, SAP. As the SAP Training Coordinator, I’ve probably spoken with or met every one of you!  Since we’re soon to experience some quiet time with the students off for the summer, I thought it would be a good time to share some tips and reminders that might make your daily experience with SAP easier and more effective.

  • Everybody forgets a password now and then, and we do have several to keep up with.  Luckily, we’ve centralized all password re-sets at the IT Helpdesk.  Their phone number is 915-5222 and they may be reached via email at
  • In order to use the SAP GUI, your department must first have a license for the position you are currently holding.  All the forms required to receive or update a license to use the SAP GUI may be downloaded from the SAP Support Website.
  • The next thing a new user needs to access SAP is training.  We offer training in twelve functional areas at least once per month.  You may find the class descriptions (what they cover) and the class handouts on the SAP Support Website.
  • In order to access the SAP system, you must have the SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) software installed on your computer. The GUI must always be maintained at the current version and patch level.
    • If you have a PC with Windows XP or a Mac, you may choose the self-install option for installation or upgrading the SAP GUI.
    • If you have a PC with Vista or Windows 7, please contact the IT Helpdesk  to have the SAP GUI installed.
    • When requesting assistance with the SAP GUI installation, Indicate if you need it installed on a Mac or a PC.  If PC, please include your operating system information (XP, Vista, Windows7, etc.).

Finally, I’d like to say a word about testing. SAP frequently updates and improves its software.  The University of Mississippi uses a quarterly system to install these improvements on a regular schedule and we are rapidly approaching our first quarter patch.  Some of you may soon receive a notice asking that you test in QAS all the transactions that you regularly use to do your job. This is an extremely important task, as it helps us to identify any issues or authorization changes that may result when the patch is applied to the Production system.  We appreciate your help with this task; ultimately it makes your job easier, too!

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (662) 915-5222 or .