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Reliability of Land Line and Convenience of a Cell Phone

Posted on: August 18th, 2011 by

Have you ever wished you could step out of the office for a few minutes, but couldn’t leave for fear of missing an important call?  When you subscribe to and activate the latest UM phone feature, this  is no longer a concern. As part of the effort to keep our phone system up-to-date and offer the latest features, the Telecommunications Center now offers a new UM Extend Call (UMEC) feature.

You can have both the reliability of a land line and the convenience of your cell phone with the UM Extend Call feature.  This feature allows your keep you in touch with your office phone via your cell phone, anonymously.  The calls will ring on your cell phone and your digital office phone simultaneously.  The caller to your office number never knows the difference and you choose which phone to answer the call from.  Even more impressive, if the call is not answered, the caller will be sent  to your office voicemail box as opposed to your cell phone voicemail. What’s more, you can turn this feature on and off from your digital office phone or by dialing in from your cell phone.

Please note: Your cell minutes will be used as normal for all calls to or from your cell phone.

Additionally, so that we will have the ability to add new features in the future, feature access codes are going to change from 1 digit to 2 digit numbers by adding a 0 in front of the feature number.  For example, *2—Call Forwarding All Calls will now be *02.  To view the most commonly used feature codes, see the list on the front of the University phone book and simply add a 0 to the existing number.  The changes to these feature access codes will be in effect Monday August 22, 2011.

You can view these features at:

For assistance, contact or call 662-915-5922.

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