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Quarterly SAP Patches

Posted on: March 8th, 2013 by LAURIE RICHLOVSKY

SAP frequently updates and improves its software.  The University of Mississippi uses a quarterly system to install these improvements on a regular schedule and we are rapidly approaching our first quarter patch.  Patches will be applied in QAS on March 19th.  This allows ten days to test and report issues before the patches are applied to the production (PRD) system on March 29th.

Some of you may soon receive a notice asking that you test in QAS all the transactions that you regularly use to do your job. This is an extremely important task, as it helps us to identify any issues or authorization changes that may result when the patch is applied to the Production system.  We appreciate your help with this task; ultimately it makes your job easier, too!

Please schedule some time early in the period after March 19th to do thorough testing of this upgrade in QAS.  You may reset your QAS password in myOleMiss. Report any issues that you encounter when testing using the SAP Issues Database in myOleMiss.