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Ole Miss Ranks #5 for Internet Upload Speeds

Posted on: July 11th, 2014 by Deetra Wiley

InternetSpeedThe University of Mississippi was ranked in the Top 5 for Internet upload speeds among state flagship universities. The summary of this nationwide survey can be seen in this Huffington Post article. Upload speeds are essential for fast services. This measurement plays a major factor in network response – a critical component necessary to allow cloud applications, user services, and websites to load quickly.

The Office of Information Technology, led by the network management group, continues to work diligently to improve our services. From enterprise-wide infrastructure upgrades, and the addition of new features like eduroam – to virtual architecture changes, and boosts to our connections with upstream carrier and research networks, including Mission and Internet2 – this accomplishment reflects their constant presence behind our campus.

There were four Wi-Fi questions in the student survey. The percentages in the spreadsheet reflect the responses that were either "Good" or "Excellent". The "DR Public" category includes all public universities that grade Doctoral degrees (Carnegie Classification), and "All US Institutions" includes all colleges, which participated in the survey. Overall, this information shows that our students are more satisfied with UM Wi-Fi services in all four categories.

Moreover, UM students rated the campus wireless network highly in the 2014 ECAR Study of Students and Information Technology. This survey gauges student perceptions about a variety of technology services. The percentages shown in the spreadsheet reflect responses that were either “Good” or “Excellent”. The category “DR Public” is a Carnegie classification which includes all public universities that grade Doctoral degrees. Likewise, “All US Institutions” includes community colleges, private colleges, etc. Overall, UM students showed higher satisfaction with UM WiFi services in all categories, and rated our technologies higher relative to students at peer research institutions.

“We recognize the importance of having a stable, central network infrastructure to support the growing demands of staying connected,” says Deputy CIO Robin Miller. “We appreciate the cooperation from departments as we continue network upgrades throughout the UM campus.”


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