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Next Live Cam Location

Posted on: June 10th, 2011 by Robby Seitz

Over the past couple of months we’ve been collecting suggestions about where to put the next Campus Live Cam.  We’ve narrowed down the possibilities from the responses and now we’re back asking for your preference.  But first, why aren’t we including all the ideas submitted?  Here are the top three suggestions we aren’t offering.

  • Parking Lots:  The reasons given for having a camera look at a parking lot (several were suggested) were security and convenience. Since no recording is made, however, (it’s a “live” cam), there are no safety benefits.  We also didn’t want to encourage drivers to circle the lot while watching their smart phones for an open space.
  • Stadiums: Another popular location was either the football or baseball stadium. But since we are not allowed to broadcast in any way from either of these locations (licensing agreements and SEC Sports rules), these aren’t options.
  • Student Media Center: A replacement for the Rebel Radio studio cam is already planned, so we aren’t pursuing that option through this poll.

So now we’re ready to prune down the list even more by asking for your choice of the following:

(This poll is now closed.  Thanks for voting!)

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There is no guarantee that the most popular spot will be the winner, by the way.  We’ll do research concerning the logistics of running power and network cable to the most popular location(s) suggested before committing to that. We do, however, greatly appreciate your input!