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New Box Interface

Posted on: February 10th, 2017 by Brian Hopkins

Box, UM’s enterprise cloud storage provider, has made changes to their web interface that many users will find interesting.

New features include:

  1.  An easy one-button mechanism for sharing files and folders.
  2.  A “Favorites” classification that allows you to view just those files and folders you’ve specified as your favorites.
  3.  Enhanced search functions with convenient filtering/narrowing options.
  4.  Enhanced drag-and-drop for moving files from place to place within Box.
  5.  A new thumbnail view for images and videos, complete with easy-to-use zoom function.

If you’d like to see some of these features in action before making the move to upgrade, our friends at Duke University have shared the brief (2.5 minute) video at the bottom of this post describing many of these features.

Upgrading your account to the new user interface is quick and easy.  Simply sign into Box, and then while signed in go to  Visiting this specific URL will generate a cookie that will cause Box to load the new user interface.  (If your browser is configured to reject cookies or to prompt you about them, you will need to accept this cookie for this to work.)  That’s all you have to do; so long as you do not intentionally delete the cookie, you will get the new user interface from this point forward.

We hope you enjoy the new features our partner has provided us and we welcome your feedback on this service.