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IT Introduces UM Mail Vaulting Service for Email Storage

Posted on: September 27th, 2012 by TERESA MCCARVER

Is your mailbox filling up with historic messages that you need to retain? With the implementation of Symantec Enterprise Vault, the Office of Information Technology has a new solution for you.

Symantec Enterprise Vault is a content archiving system that moves emails and their attachments to an online storage area called a vault. EV requires an Outlook plug-in that is compatible with Outlook 2003-2010 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Mac OS. In addition to working with the Outlook client, EV tools can be accessed through Internet Explorer versions 7, 8 and 9.

How It Works

After an email is archived, the email is replaced by a shortcut/link in your mailbox that provides instant access to the archived email message. When you need an item that has been archived from your mailbox you can easily search, view or delete it yourself. Archived emails remain available to you in Outlook and through the Outlook Web Application (OWA).

Vault is intended to help you manage your email more efficiently. However, you should continue to perform basic housekeeping tasks periodically, such as deleting emails that are no longer needed. Your messages are auto-archived when your mailbox exceeds 75 percent capacity. Additionally, you can select messages to manually archive at any time. Vault provides you with 5GB of storage space for archived messages.

If you have messages that are held in your personal folder (PST) files on your local computer, they will not be archived. Messages must be in the Exchange mailbox to be archived. To archive messages or folders stored in your personal folder files, you can move a message or folder to your Exchange mailbox.


When you are ready to give Vault a try, contact the IT Helpdesk at or (662) 915-5222. After Vault is enabled for your email account, download and install the required Outlook plug-in from our website.