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Introducing eSignature Solutions with HelloSign – Updated

Posted on: September 9th, 2021 by Jeremy Osborn

What is HelloSign?

HelloSign is an eSignature technology that allows people to sign documents virtually. Available at, teams and departments at the University will be able to upload documents, create templates that can be shared and reused amongst team members, then send those documents to users who can sign and return their legally binding eSignature using their mobile or desktop device.

How can HelloSign help Me and My Team?

HelloSign not only provides a simple eSignature solution for our users, but eliminates the need for pen and paper.  Contracts, forms, requests, approvals, and more can now be completed conveniently online via HelloSign.

Who can use this technology?

Any Department within the University that has a need to send and receive a wide variety of signed documentation.

How can I start using HelloSign?

  • Sign into HelloSign to get started.
  • To provision a shared space for your department, email to with the department name, and the name and email address of your team space administrator. These administrators can manage settings, permissions, and documents stored in HelloSign.  New team members can be added by emailing with the email addresses of the team members.  Requests submitted before 10am CST Monday – Friday, excluding holidays, can be completed by close of business the same day.  For all other times, please allow 24 hours for team member additions.

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