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The Degree Progress Report

Posted on: December 13th, 2012 by

Degree progress report is a very useful resource for students to view their progress toward degree completion.  Earlier, students had to either  maneuver through the Degree Audit application or  find their transcript,  use the catalog or go online to their school’s webpage and match up requirements for this information.

To access the degree progress report application:

  1. Sign-in to myOleMiss.
  2. Under the Student tab, select the “Degree Progress Report” tab.
  3. Select “Degree Progress Report” from the set of options on the left.

With this application, students are able to easily keep track of where they stand on the path to their chosen degree in three simple steps.  The first thing you can see once in the app is your picture, name, student number, program(s) of study, and any specializations.  Next, you have the option of choosing from 6 different tabs.

Degree Progress Application

Under the “Audit Results” tab is where students will find general education core and general university requirements, major requirements, and any specialization.  The requirements highlighted in green are complete; those that are not highlighted are incomplete.

The “Completed” tab lists all completed requirements whether they be general education requirements, major requirements, or specializations.

Students will find a list of requirements that are still outstanding under the “Remaining” tab, including the general education requirements, major requirements, and any specialization requirements remaining.  If there is a certain number of hours required, it lists the courses and their credits that have already been applied towards the fulfillment of each requirement.

The “Academic Work” tab shows the student’s performance based on overall and resident hours as well as GPA.  Next, it lists every course enrolled or completed along with the year, terms, course name, earned credits, grade, grading scale, and whether or not it was transferred to the University of Mississippi.

Under the “Advisors” tab, students can find a listing of assigned advisors and their contact information.

The last tab is for advisor notes.  Advisors have the option of posting any notes based on discussions with students so that students will have access to them.

Degree Progress is an advising tool to be used along with regular meetings with advisors.  Students can print a hard copy to carry with them to meet with their advisor.  The Degree Progress application will be especially useful during advisor meetings prior to registration.  Instead of spending hours trying to figure out which courses the student should enroll,  students are only seconds away from discovering which courses have yet to be completed once logged in to myOleMiss.  If you believe that your degree progress report is wrong or if you have questions about any of the requirements, then you should contact your advisor.