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Analytics Update

Posted on: March 30th, 2012 by LAURIE RICHLOVSKY

In response to requests submitted by Academic users, we have implemented significant updates to the General SLcM reports in Analytics.

All Enrollment and Admissions reports now contain student contact information including email, cell phone and standard address.

Two new reports were introduced to assist with administrative processes in the Deans’ and Chairs’ offices:

  • A Status and Holds report that will allow selection of all students with a specific hold or status or viewing of all students with all their active holds and statuses. Results may be filtered by Program, Organization, Hold or Status. Contact information as well as campus will also be available in this report.
  • To assist retention efforts, we offer an enrollment report that will display students who are enrolled in the current term (Fall/Spring) but do not yet have a schedule for a future term that is open for booking. This report will also include contact information to facilitate reaching out to these students.

Authorized users will find Analytics under the Employee tab in myOleMiss.

For assistance using reports in Analytics, contact the IT Helpdesk at 662-915-5222.