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Changes for Final Grades Submissions

Posted on: December 2nd, 2015 by amelia

There is one major change to the grading interface this fall.  When an instructor assigns an F grade to a student in a course using the online grade reporting interface, the instructor will now have the ability to give additional details as to why the F grade is assigned. There will be three options for the F details: Earned, Abandonment, and No Show.

An Earned F is assigned to a student who attended the class, including the final exam.

An Abandoned F is assigned to a student who unofficially dropped out (or abandoned) the course, including not sitting for the final exam.

A No Show F is assigned to a student who did not attend a single class (or who never participated in an online course).

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Final Grade Layout

Final Grade Browser Layout

Final Grade Browser Layout

Final Grade Mobile Layout

Final Grade Mobile Layout

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