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IT’s Errol Sayre Featured in the SAP Community Network

Posted on: November 10th, 2011 by Deetra Wiley

Errol Sayre

As noted in an earlier TECHNews article, the University of Mississippi’s (UM) Office of Information Technology (IT ) is a ramp-up site of a new technology from SAPSAP NetWeaver Gateway (NG).  As part of this ramp-up, Errol Sayre, Systems Analyst III, was part of the project team that delivered an iPad  application for UM Admissions Counselors.  These counselors travel to high schools and other educational institutions throughout the United States to meet prospective students who are interested in attending the University of Mississippi.

The counselors wanted to be able to query admissions and prospective student data while on-site without the bulk of a laptop.  The IT project team developed a native application using Objective C that interfaces with NetWeaver Gateway to retrieve data from our SAP ERP system.  This allows the counselors to quickly search for prospective student information by their student attributes and school.   In addition, corresponding screens from the myOleMiss portal were incorporated into the app using a general purpose Web browser that Sayre built into the application.

Sayre’s article is entitled Consuming NetWeaver Gateway Services in iOS.  The SAP Community Network (SCN) is SAP’s professional social network, and is used by SAP customers, partners, employees and experts.

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